Tree LandscapingTrees are arguably the most pronounced and utilitarian plants in the landscape. They provide a substantial and long-lasting addition to any landscape. These plants are divided into two main families, deciduous and evergreens. Both of these families contain a vast array of species, specialized for almost any environment or look. Evergreens are one of the few families of plants that can lend a bit of color to the landscape in our sometimes bleak Chicagoland winters. Trees can serve a variety of uses and needs and many can fill those unique niches that other plants aren’t able to. These plants can serve as a unique and aesthetic barrier to the elements that affect the home and landscape. They can be extremely useful in the landscape as wind breaks, borders, and shade elements. Trees can also be used as massed foliage plants or as flowering specimens. Whether its existing trees or new plantings, Green       has many solutions for your landscape. Green T can design a landscape with trees chosen specifically for you and your lot. Our experts can even incorporate new trees into an existing landscape or build a landscape around your existing trees, creating a harmonious landscape for you to enjoy for years to come.
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