ShrubsShrubs while often overlooked however they are a very important element in the landscape. Shrubs are essentially the glue that holds the entire landscape together. They soften the areas between home and lawn while providing insulation and a wind break around the perimeter of your home. Shrubs are often used to line walkways, driveways, utility boxes, fence lines, decks and home perimeters. They provide a soft screen and mask for these hard edges that are often an unappealing necessity of the modern landscape. Shrubs like trees belong to either deciduous or evergreen families. Evergreen shrubs are ideal for providing that much needed green color to the often sparse winter landscape. Shrubs are often the perfect plant to fill gaps in the landscape bridging the height and size gap between trees and annual/perennial plantings. Whatever your shrub needs, Green       is the landscaping company for you. Let our expert team fill in the bare spots in your existing landscape, mask unsightly views, or design a new landscape with shrubs tailored specifically to your needs. Green T is the ideal choice for your landscaping and shrub plantings and replacement.
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