Rock Gardens

Rock gardens are a concept many may not be familiar with, however they are not to be dismissed. These unique plantings can be an interesting focal point in any garden or water/stone feature. They can also be used to enhance existing stone structures, stone paths or water features. Essentially, the rock garden consists of alpine and succulent plants interlaced in purpose-made or existing stone structures. These diminutive plants are very hardy and virtually maintenance free. These plantings require very little water and persist mostly on rain water, with little to no soil. These small plants will add a splash of color and a very natural look to any stone structure. Rock garden designs are almost as important as the garden plantings themselves, providing the skeleton for which the plants are affixed. Garden designs have a wide variety of aesthetics and form, and can be tailored to meet almost any need or style. Some garden designs are very orderly and geometric, while others are very soft, curving, and chaotic. Whatever your garden dream is, Green T can make it a reality. Whether it’s a classically designed formal garden, a natural garden, or a modern/contemporary garden, Green T Landscaping is the choice for you!
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