PruningPruning is a one of the oldest horticulture practices and was commonly practiced in ancient Greece. Pruning hasn’t changed much since then however, information on when to perform pruning, scar reduction and technique has vastly improved since then. Pruning is very important in maintaining shape and health in many species of tree and shrub. Pruning is also very important for removing dead limbs and structurally weak limbs making it a key component of home and homeowner safety in storms and high winds. While this practice is commonly performed by the home owner, it is very easy to damage trees and shrubs resulting in their loss, when improper pruning techniques are used. Trees are especially prone to this and often a bad cut can lead to disease, infestation, or rot resulting in the loss of the specimen. At Green       we recognize these important aspects of pruning and are committed to the health of your trees and shrubs as well as the safety of you and your property. Let our professionals take care of all your pruning needs, keeping your trees and shrubs healthy and attractive is Green T’s mission.
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