Dry Creek Bed Installation

Dry Creek BedDry creek beds are a unique and attractive way to control and divert rain water across or off your property. Dry creek beds can also be a system for moving and storing this water for use in rain gardens. Many dry creek beds serve a dual purpose where they both divert water and function as a rain garden. These striking landscape features are a good way to cover drainage ditches and any deep channels caused by erosion in these areas. They may also be added to existing natural streams and water features in the landscape. This method can be a great way to divert rain runoff without damaging the surrounding lawn or garden areas. Dry creek beds can also be used as a purely aesthetic feature in the landscape serving as walkways or rock gardens. They also work well in prairie type native gardens and add a very natural feel to these often dry landscapes. No matter what style of dry creek bed you desire, the professional landscape teams at Green      can help you design and incorporate these striking features into any type of landscape.
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