Drainage Solutions

DrainageGreen T offers a variety of drainage solutions for any landscape drainage issue.

Standing water can damage your lawn and leave unsightly dead spots. If this is a problem in your lawn, drain tiles are the solution for you.

Green T can install drain tiles in these areas to stop this problem. These tiles are essentially a shower drain for your lawn with a subsurface pipe system to carry the water away from the area and into a drainage zone. These systems can greatly improve the look of your lawn while virtually eliminating standing water caused by heavy rainfall.

Green       also offers solutions for runoff water from downspouts and sump pumps. If left unchecked this runoff cuts channels through lawns and planting beds by eroding the soil in these areas. Green T can help mitigate this problem by diverting this water through a drainage system, dry creek bed, or rain garden.

Green T can also divert downspout water into rain barrels to be stored for later use in the landscape. Rain barrels are also a good way to cut down on watering costs by collecting water during rainy season and using it for watering in the dry season.

See how affordable a new lawn drainage system can be!

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