Arbors, Pergolas, Trellises Design and Installation

Garden PergolasGarden arbors, pergolas and trellises a great focal point for your landscape and serve as a three dimensional structure in the garden. These garden structures are commonly constructed of wood however; many are also made of copper, iron, aluminum, brick and stone. Garden arbors can be seen as the doorway, where trellises are the walls and pergolas the roof. Garden arbors commonly act as an access point in a partition or hedge and are suitably for retrofitting as a gate in fences as well. Garden Arbor Garden Arbors can also serve as an entrance to you patio or outdoor living area. These ancient garden structures can be traced to ancient Rome and Greece where they were commonly use to grow grapes. They were also used in renaissance Europe in the stunning formal gardens of the palaces where they were typically covered in flowering vines. Today these structures can be seen in many modern landscapes and often leading into backyards and covering patio areas. Garden pergolas make great shade structures for patios and walkways where garden trellises make great partitions. The professionals at Green       are capable of installing or designing any arbor, trellis or pergola you desire. We can help take the hassle out of construction and transportation of your new garden structure. Our landscaping team can also install plants and vines to your structure(s) to add even more interest to these unique garden focal points.
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