AnnualsSpring can be one of the most challenging times for your landscape, the hard ground and cool temperatures only add to this struggle. Annuals are a group of spring flowers and plants that are specialized for this challenging time. Grown from seed in greenhouses during the winter, annuals are planted at the beginning of spring as fully grown flowering plants. Annuals are small, short lived, and extremely colorful spring flowers. They are the ideal plants to bring color and texture to your relatively barren spring planting beds. Pansies, impatiens, petunias, marigolds, begonias, and snapdragons belong to this group of plants and are often seen as the signatures of spring’s arrival. These relatively small plants are ideal for use in planting beds, window boxes, and hanging baskets. The experts at Green       can help you choose the right annuals for you and your house. Our friendly and educated staff can plant and arrange many varieties of annuals into your landscape. Green T’s annuals will create a vibrant rainbow of colorful flowers and foliage to brighten your spring plantings, making your spring landscape the envy of the neighborhood.
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