Beautiful Shade-Tolerant Plants

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Do you have a shaded area in your yard where it seems like nothing will grow?

Will it make you feel better if we tell you are not alone with that feeling? Worry not, because today we brought you a list of plants that will grow in the shade.

Coral BellsShade-Tolerant Plants

This is a beautiful flowering plant that is actually a perennial. They grow in the shade and are know for their ease.

Apparently, they are easy to grow and require very little maintenance from that point forward.

So if you want something that could add a splash of color and come back year after year then this might be the plant you’ve always wanted.

LungwortShade-Tolerant Plants

It’s not the most attractive name for a plant but it is a very beautiful looking plant.

It actually gets its name because long ago people believed it looked like a lung and actually tried to treat lung diseases with it. However, no medicinal powers were found.

This plant is a perennial and one that will take off and run as it grows. It grows in batches so if you aren’t looking for a ground cover type plant then this might not be a good choice.

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AstilbeShade-Tolerant Plants

This perennial is a beautiful flower that loves the shade. It also brings along a special quality when planted.

So if you are a butterfly lover then this plant is for you. When you plant these flowers, they draw them in. Which is a great addition to any yard or flower garden.

Japanese Forest GrassShade-Tolerant Plants

This is an interesting plant. It is a perennial so you should only have to plant it once. But it isn’t extremely colorful by any means. However, it looks like a little pom-pom made of grass.

So if you are looking for something to add a finishing touch to a shaded area without adding a rainbow of color then this is a good option.

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ColeusShade-Tolerant Plants

Coleus is what is called a tender perennial. You must use a technique called pinching in order to get them to grow bigger and stronger.

However, coleus will grow in the shade and it is very beautiful with dark, rich colors.

So if your looking for simplistic, this is the plant to you.

Creeping JennyShade-Tolerant Plants

Creeping Jenny is a perennial that will continue to come back year after year. Depending upon which zone you live in, it actually may stay green year round.

Either way, this is a ground cover so unless you pot it, it might very well take over your shady area. For some this might be a desired result.

But just keep that in mind when planting this if you aren’t sure you want it to cover your entire shaded area.

HostaShade-Tolerant Plants

We love Hostas. The reason is because they will grow just about anywhere and require basically now work.

So if you have an area that looks like it needs a little attention, place a hosta there. They are perennials and will come back larger and larger each new year.

ImpatiensShade-Tolerant Plants

Most Impatiens are grown as annuals, but they also have a perennial option as well. The kicker with these plants is that most people grow the annual kind of impatiens so they can be enjoyed during the summer. The perennial option only thrives during the winter in the United States.

So if you like beautiful mounding flowers then you’ll probably enjoy having impatience around.

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