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Keeping your lawn and landscaping in top form is always a priority that should be greatly considered. By keeping up on potential drainage issues, you can help prevent costly damages;to your home and property.

Now that it’s April, and “April showers bring May flowers” is becoming a very accurate statement this season; were getting a lot of a calls about standing water and water drainage problems.

Standing water in yards can be come unsightly as well as affect the integrity and health of your lawn. If this is the case with your lawn, installing drain tiles to help with water movement of standing water.

Drain tiles act as a drain with a subsurface piper system, the pipes then carry (what would be standing water) away from the problem area and finally to the correct drainage zone. The implementation of drain tiles can also enhance the atheistic appeal of your yard as well as finally correct your drainage issues.

Signs of a Drainage Problem

There are many important signs that you may notice or are already noticing with the copious amount we have received that your yard is having drainage problems:

    • A soggy or wet yard
    • Puddles that take a long time to evaporate
    • Basement is leaking
    • Foundation is damaged or cracked
    • Soil Erosion
    • Flooding in yard during rainstorms

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Common Drainage Solutions

A French Drain is a time proven system for diverting excess water. Specialized drain tiles are designed with perforations or holes to admit water. To prevent clogging of the pipe,gravel is often placed around the perimeter of the perforated drain pipe to give water a path to the drain tile as well as filter soil.

Benefits of a French drain is you to get to choose where you want the water to go, as long as it is at a lower level than where the water is falling. French drains can lead to downhill slope or to dry wells or rain gardens where the extra water is held and absorbed by plants. The French drain route to obtaining a dry basement is also an affordable one.

They are also commonly used behind retaining walls to relieve ground water pressure.Now you may be thinking that French drain may be an eye sore in your yard when talking about putting gravel on top. But in really it can be quite decorative. See pictures to the right.

Burrying Down Spouts

One of the best solutions out there to help save your foundation and prevent soil erosion, is burying your downspout. even better of a choice than putting a tail on your down spouts, which can tend to cause tripping hazards. When you bury your downspout, you have the ability re-purpose the water in other areas of your home, sort of like a French drain. You can direct the water to empty saving you both time and money since you will not have to run your own water.

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