Getting the Most out of your Garden this Spring

In Summer on March 6, 2017 at 8:37 pm | Written by gtadmin20

Spring is almost here and we have that Spring fever. Everyone is itching to be outside, the spring clean ups have started and your looking to do more with your landscape this year. Well we have some tips for planning the spring garden you always wanted.

Give your soil a little more thought

Amend your soil with as much organic matter as possible. You can consider starting your own compost pile or by adding bags of composted manure. Adding organic matter helps give your soil texture and a little more fertility.

Are you remembering that last year your soil always held a little extra moisture? Try growing plants that can tolerate the extra moisture, or install a French drain to get rid of the excess water. Check out this article “Plant Watering Tips” to help control the moisture build up!

Understand the Light

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It’s important to know how your garden receives sunlight, which areas get most and which have the least. Too much sun can burn the plant, whereas too little sun will leave it lanky and weak.

Once you know how your garden receives light, you can choose plants that can that will grow well under those conditions. Partly sunny to fully shaded areas are best for your perennials and small trees. Whereas vegetables and most flowers will flourish in full sunlight.

Plant for all four seasons

Planting for all the season help to keep your garden lively all year not just in the springtime. Summer blooms include cone flowers, and Black-eyed Susan’s. For a little fun in the winter, look to evergreens or trees with interesting branch patterns.


Need a little extra help with your spring design? Give Green T a call today and let us get the garden you’ve dreamed about.

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