Top 10 Low Maintenance Plants for Illinois Landscaping

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orange daylilly 1. Daylily – A perennial plant that is adaptable, daylilies can endure many years in a garden with very little care. They produce beautiful, fragrant flowers that bloom in spring throughout summer into frost season.

hostas   2. Hosta – These shade-tolerant plants survive in most soil types and through summer drought. Hostas are perennials that reach maturation in 3 to 6 years, bloom in the summer, and are great for groundcover and sloped areas of your garden.

yellow yarrow   3. Yarrow – A perennial plant that is strongly fragrant and low maintenance. They flower between May and June and keep pests away, while attracting good predatory ones like ladybugs.

switchgrass   4. Switchgrass – This perennial grass is often used for ground cover, erosion control, and ornamental grass. It can grow several feet tall and changes to a beautiful golden color in the fall.

hardy geranium   5. Hardy geranium – Hardy geraniums are perennial flowers that grow in most climates, take shade, and produce beautiful flowers that bloom spring through fall. These flowers are pest and disease resistant and some varieties are cold tolerant.

Coreopsis   6. Coreopsis – Coreopsis are tolerant of varying soil types, even dry soil, making them low maintenance. Many coreopsis plants have delicate yellow flowers, and tall species can grow 4 feet in height.

purple coneflower   7. Coneflower – These lovely flowering perennials bloom mid-summer through fall and attract butterflies and songbirds. They require very little extra care and grow 2 to 4 feet tall.

aromatic astor   8. Aromatic aster – This perennial plant has colorful blooms for about one to two months, and does well in sunshine and dry soil. Aromatic aster occurs naturally in northern Illinois and hilly areas of southern Illinois.

little bluestem   9. Little bluestem – Little bluestem gets its name from the blue color of its stem in the spring, but becomes a bright reddish color in the fall. It grows best in full sun and well-drained soil, but requires little care.

veronica speedwell   10. Veronica – These perennials are often used as groundcover and blossom in bright, long lasting colors. Veronica (speedwell) are drought resistant and attract butterflies and hummingbirds.


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