How To Attract Butterflies To Your Yard

In Summer on May 27, 2016 at 6:42 pm | Written by gtadmin20
Warmer weather has arrived and perhaps you’re on the look out for butterflies. These graceful insects love warm, sunny weather, and sipping on the nectar from flowers. If you want to attract butterflies to your home, consider planting a butterfly garden or just adding a few of their favorite flowers to your garden. To attract butterflies plant flowers they like! Butterflies love flowers that blossom brightly in colors like, purple, pink, red, orange, and yellow. They also prefer flowers that are flat-topped or clustered, for easy landing and sipping. In addition, they prefer flowers with shorter flower tubes, which make it easier to sip nectar. You’ll also want to plant flowers that bloom several times or a variety of flowers that blossom over the seasons. Consider planting spring blossoming flowers like: blackhaw viburnum, blueberry, candytuft, lilac, lupine, wild plum. Butterfly-friendly summer flowers include: butterfly bush, black-eyed susan, cosmos, milkweed, prairie clover, and purple coneflower. In the fall, these flowers will blossom and attract butterflies: aster, coreopsis verticillata, goldenrod, pale leaf sunflower, sedum, and sweet black-eyed susan. Aside from feeding the butterflies, be sure to provide areas for their caterpillars to eat and grow. Butterfly caterpillars like plants such as: dill, parsley, milkweed, pawpaw, snapdragons, violets, wild senna, and willow. Most butterfly caterpillars do not damage plants, but if you are concerned about plant damage, keep their plants away from vegetable gardens and consider planting them near taller plants that will hide any damage. Butterflies prefer sunshine and less windy areas. Consider planting bushes to offer protection from the elements and predators. They also like to eat in sunshine, so their favorite flowers will be ones that receive sun from mid morning to mid afternoon. In addition, you can provide resting areas for them to bask in the sun. Butterflies like flat stones in full sun and shallow dishes. Installing a butterfly feeder (similar to a hummingbird feeder) in these areas can also attract them. Butterflies’ offspring tend to survive better when they are using native plants to the area. In Illinois, this includes plants like: bee balm, lavender, mint, phlox, zinnia, joe-pye weed, sedum, forget-me-not. Butterflies return year after year to areas that make it easy for them to thrive, and providing assistance for all their stages of life will make your yard a surefire butterfly-friendly zone. Lastly, refrain from using insecticides. Although they may kill pests, they can kill butterflies as well. Some insecticides are marketed as environmentally friendly, and even those can cause butterflies harm. Instead of using insecticides near your butterfly garden, plant natural insect repellants like mint, marigold, rosemary, and lemongrass. Comment »
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