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In Summer on April 15, 2016 at 8:43 pm | Written by gtadmin20
After using lawn care services to create your beautiful backyard oasis, the last thing on your mind is plant care. Your new plants need care to remain a gorgeous, lively part of your landscaping — but how do you care for them properly? New plant care is actually quite different from established plant care. This is because plants can be temperamental and take time to adjust to their new environment, just like any other living being.   Plants that grow rapidly, like flowers and vegetables will likely only need attention are care for the first two or three weeks. Since they develop quickly, they are more apt to establishing themselves in their new environment. Perennials can take a bit longer, at nearly a month of special attention. As expected, larger, woody plants like trees, bushes, and shrubs should be carefully attended to during their first season and even at the beginning of their second season.   After this period of special attention, plants develop their strength through short periods of stress. This can stress can be achieved from a very short period without water, or simply pruning. It is recommended to strengthen your plants by allowing stressors to affect them, however too much stress is not good on a plant at any time, especially a newer plant so make sure to carefully watch your new plant develop.   One of the most important factors in a new plant’s success in its new environment is water. Plants need their new roots and the soil surrounding it to be moist, constantly, but not soaking wet. A plant that is lacking water may begin to wilt; however a plant with too much water can also wilt. If you are unsure whether your plant is under or over watered, dig a bit in the surrounding dirt and feel for moisture. Ideally this area would be damp, but not wet.   Plants rely on the nutrient from the soil surrounding them. To keep your plants happy and healthy, allow them to adjust their soil environment before fertilizing them. Vegetables and flowers can be fed after two or three weeks, perennials after a month, and trees after their first season. Make sure to adjust fertilization for each type, as one plant food does not fit all types of plant life.   Now that you have the basics down, it’s time to take care, feed, water, and enjoy your beautiful new plant landscaping. Comment »
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