The Hazards of Volcano Mulching

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Trees are wonderful! They improve the look of our property, they provide shade, and they’re great for the environment (us humans just love that oxygen they produce day after day!). Most people take good care of their trees, but you may not be aware of one practice that might actually be harming them: volcano mulching.

What Is Volcano Mulching?

Volcano mulching is the practice of piling on the mulch all around a tree and up against the trunk until the mulch looks like a volcano. I’m sure you have seen the tree with so much mulch around it, it looks like Mt. Vesuvius with a giant trunk sticking out of the top. Perhaps you have even done it yourself, having copied a neighbor or friend. Well, while mulch is great, you can have too much of a good thing.

Why Is Volcano Mulching Bad For Trees?

While you might feel like using all that mulch is great and it’s providing a nice, strong barrier against the elements, it is actually hurting your tree. When you put that much mulch up against the trunk, you are creating an environment of moisture and warmth that can cause the bark to rot. The bark is crucial because it is your tree’s protection. It is what keeps pests, insects, climate conditions, and diseases OUT. Trees may also start growing small roots in the mulch, which will sap away much-needed strength and energy. Worst case scenario, those errant roots can encircle the tree and prevent water and nutrients from flowing up and the tree can die.

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So, What To Do?

When you mulch, spread it all out and rake it flat, Keep it around 2 to 4 inches. Make sure water is absorbed by the mulch instead of being run off. Spread the mulch from the base of the tree to the point where the branches end (the drip line). When you apply it properly, mulch is wonderful for trees and provides much needed nutrients and prevents evaporation. So mulch your trees, just don’t suffocate them!

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