Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen

In Fall on July 10, 2014 at 5:42 pm | Written by admin
Many homeowners like to include an oasis of some kind in their landscape designs to spend time outside and an outdoor kitchen is an excellent addition for those who like to grill and host outside gatherings.  Outdoor kitchens can really enhance the look of the landscape and provide a place for you to cook that is not separated from the rest of the party.  There are many features included with outdoor kitchens such as patio tiles, grills, sinks, and countertops that allow homeowners plenty of creative freedom in the design.  The following is a guide for designing an outdoor kitchen that best serves your needs. The design of every aspect of an outdoor kitchen is completely up to you as outdoor kitchens can be simple grilling stations with a few other features or elaborate kitchens with the same features as a typical indoor kitchen.  In order to design and install an outdoor kitchen that works for you, you must consider the following aspects.
  • Counter Space: Deciding on how much counter space you want is important when designing your outdoor kitchen.  The amount of counter space will essentially dictate how much space the outdoor kitchen will take up in your landscape so it must be established before the rest of the design is made.  As you design the counter space, make sure to consider space for cabinets to be installed under the counter.
  • Kitchen Appliances: The next important decision to make when designing your outdoor kitchen is what appliances you want to include.  Once again, there are many options for outdoor kitchen appliances that include stoves, ovens, grills, prep sinks, refrigerators, and even specialty ovens.  You should choose your appliances based on how you plan to use your outdoor kitchen.
  • Amenities: In addition to the counter space and appliances, you can include a variety of amenities to the design to spruce up your outdoor kitchen.  These amenities can include awnings, fire pits, and other luxuries that add comfort to the space.
  • Materials: The final consideration to make when designing an outdoor kitchen is the materials used to build the space.  The materials used to build outdoor kitchens are very durable and require little maintenance so they can withstand the exposure to the elements.  They typically include wood, brick, stone, and stainless steel among others.  The materials you choose will mostly affect the look of the floor, walls, and countertops as the appliances are mostly available in stainless steel. 
If you like to cook out and host barbecues at your home during the summer, an outdoor kitchen would make a great addition to your landscape.  Outdoor kitchens provide a place for you to fully prepare a meal in close proximity to the entertaining area so you do not have to feel separated from the party in your indoor kitchen.  The master landscape designers at Green T Landscaping can help you design an outdoor kitchen that suits your needs and fits the design of your existing landscape.  Contact us to get started on the design of your outdoor kitchen. Comment »
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