Proper Plant Watering for the Summer

In Summer on June 6, 2014 at 6:09 pm | Written by gtadmin20
The warmer weather of the late spring is causing the growth within our yards and landscapes to intensify and homeowners must establish a watering routine to keep all plants within the landscape hydrated.  Watering your landscape is not as simple as it may seem as you must take care to avoid over or under watering the plants which could lead to problems.  The following are some things to keep in mind when watering to ensure that you water your landscape in the most effective way. Weather The weather has a major effect on watering as the amount of rain your area receives will determine how much water you should be giving your landscape.  It is important to be aware of how much rainfall you have received during the week so that you do not over water your plants.  The temperature may also determine how you water your landscape.  If the temperature is in the 70s, your lawn only needs to be watered once a week but if the temperature is in the 90s, you should water the lawn every other day. Time of Day Another important element to consider when watering your landscape is the time of day.  The best time of day to water your plants is in the early to mid morning so that the plants have water before the hottest point of the day.  Watering during the middle of the day could result in most of the water evaporating and watering at night will result in standing water over night which could lead to diseases or turf damage. Amount It is important to make sure to water your plants the right amount because over and under watering could lead to a range of problems.  When watering, you should water until the top half inch of soil is moist and be careful not to go beyond that. Watering Method The method by which you water your plants is very important for proper watering.  Make sure to water the lawn evenly as well as the soil at the base of your trees and shrubs.  It is important to keep the leaves of the trees and shrubs dry as you water because wet leaves are more susceptible to plant diseases.  Using a soaker hose or watering can will help you water your lawn and plants evenly for the best results. As your landscape continues to thrive in these late spring and early summer weeks, make sure to stick with a watering routine and follow these tips to ensure that you are watering your plants effectively.  Proper watering can go a long way in determining the overall health of your landscape.  If you would like more information on proper watering or how to care for your landscape, contact Green T Landscaping. Comment »
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