Design Ideas for your Side Yard

In Fall on May 2, 2014 at 8:09 pm | Written by admin
Much of home landscaping focuses on the front and back yards because of the size and the space they have but your side yard is just as much of a blank canvas for landscape design.  The side yard is a unique area of the yard that can be incorporated into the landscape design in several interesting ways.  The following are some landscape features and design ideas that can turn your side yard into an attractive landscape.
  • Path: The look of your side yard and overall design of your landscape can be enhanced with a path installed through the side yard.  A stone or brick pathway will add to the look of the landscape and it can provide a nice path from the front yard to the back yard.  There are many types of stones and brick available for plenty of unique pathway options.
  • Softscaping: Softscaping features such as shrubs, trees, flowers, and other plant types can make a great addition to your side yard.  The addition of these plants along the side of your home can transform a bare side yard into a lush oasis which is enhanced even more when combined with hardscaping features such as a pathway.
  • Seating Area: A seating area is an excellent addition anywhere in a landscape and if the size of your side yard permits, you can complete a side yard oasis with a table and chairs or just a couple chairs.
  • Dog Area: If you are a dog owner, the side yard might be the perfect spot to put a dog pen.  The type of fence and size of the pen can be incorporated into the landscape design.
  • Water Feature: If you have the space in your side yard, a water feature such as a fountain or dry creek bed could make a classy addition.  There are many types of water features available in a variety of different styles and materials.
  • Gardens: The side yard is an excellent spot for a garden of any type.  Flower gardens and vegetable gardens planted along the side of the house can provide much color and plant variety in your landscape.
As you plan out your landscape for this season, do not forget to incorporate your side yards into the design.  There are many ways to create an attractive design in your side yard and by doing so; you can seamlessly connect your backyard with your front yard.  If you would like help with the design of your landscape or if you have an idea that you would like to see come to fruition, contact Green T Landscaping.  Our master designers can help you create a unique landscape design that works with your yard and provide installation services to realize your vision. Comment »
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