Flowers and Other Plants for Your Garden that Resist Rabbits

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A well designed landscape can really enhance the look of a home and strategically placed gardens or planting beds make for a more impressive landscape design.

Gardens and planting beds allow for the incorporation of many different types of flowers and plants but some types of plants are attractive to rabbits that eat a variety of flowers and vegetation.

The best way to prevent rabbits from eating the flowers and plants in your garden is to plant flowers that rabbits naturally resist.  The following are rabbit resistant plants that you can put in your garden or planting bed.

Black-Eyed Susans: Black-eyed Susans, also known as Rudbeckia, are a flower type that is generally more popular in the southeast United States.  This plant has golden orange flowers that bloom in the late summer and it can grow to be 6 inches tall.

Impatiens: Impatiens are a hardy plant that can produce flowers of many different colors such as red, white, and purple among others.  These plants include annual species that produce flowers through the spring and summer as well as perennial species that bloom year round.

Basil: Basil is an annual herb available in several varieties including sweet basil, Thai basil, and lemon basil.  This plant provides a menthol aroma with a semi-sweet and peppery taste and can grow to be 1 to 4 feet in height.

Begonias: Begonias come in many flowering and foliage types with over 1,000 species of begonia plants in existence.  Flowering begonias can grow to be 14 inches tall and their flowers may be yellow, orange, red, or pink.  Foliage begonias can grow between 12 and 18 inches and exhibit an array of different colors, shapes, and textures.

Oregano: This perennial herb is a member of the mint family that grows between 8 and 30 inches with purple flowers.  It has a bitter taste that intensifies when it dries and it is used quite often for cooking.

Bleeding Hearts: Bleeding hearts are heart-shaped flowers with a protruding tip that makes them appear to be bleeding.  These flowers occur mostly in red, pink, or white and they may bloom in the spring, summer, or fall depending on the species.

Sage: Sage is a common type of perennial evergreen shrub that can grow to over 2 feet tall with lavender flowers that bloom in the late spring or summer and leaves that can be 2½ inches by 1 inch in size.

Sunflowers: These annual flowers are quite tall reaching between 5 and 12 feet in height with large yellow flowers that can get up to 12 inches in diameter and bloom in the summer or fall.

Planting these rabbit resistant flowers and plants in your garden or planting bed will help keep rabbits out of your plants and avoid a garden full of half-eaten flowers.  If you continue to have problems keeping rabbits out of your planting beds, putting a small rabbit-proof fence around them can also help keep rabbits out.  Contact Green T Landscaping with any questions about installing these plants or for questions concerning landscape design.

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