Debunking Prevailing Landscaping Myths

In Fall on August 6, 2013 at 2:26 pm | Written by gtadmin20
Once your yard has been fashioned into a beautiful and creative landscape, it must be well maintained to keep up its appearance.  Maintaining a landscape is an often overlooked aspect of home maintenance and some people even believe in prevailing myths that can lead to bad landscaping habits.  The following are the most commonly believed landscaping myths and the bad maintenance practices that usually result. Myth: Watering in the evening conserves water. Many homeowners water their lawns in the evenings as the sun is setting with the belief that they are conserving water or that the water is doing more for their lawn.  This could not be further from the truth.  When homeowners water their lawns in the evening, the water just sits on top of the lawn and creates an ideal environment for fungus and diseases to form.  A lawn only needs between half an inch to an inch of water per week and it should be watered in the morning so that it can absorb the water throughout the day. Myth: Mowing the grass shorter means it won’t need it as often.                 If grass is allowed to grow and then is suddenly mowed short, it can cause a shock to the entire lawn.  Cutting grass blades too short removes most of the leaf and makes the blades unable to produce sugar from photosynthesis, resulting in an inability to grow extra shoots.  This exposes the roots to excess sunlight which causes brown patches and allows weeds to get more sunlight which helps them grow.  Mowing a lawn too short also results in thicker clippings which take nutrients away from the lawn when they are removed.  Grass blades should not be mowed any shorter than 3 inches. Myth: Landscaping is a do-it-yourself project.                 To many homeowners, building a landscape in their yard is essentially a DIY project.  While this may be true for simple landscaping projects such as planting flowers and shrubs, professional landscape companies provide many more options for improvement that most homeowners cannot easily accomplish themselves such as brick work and water features.  Professional landscaping is also one of the most commonly done mid-sized home improvements that can boost the value of a home. Myth: Landscapes must have a lawn. As more homeowners are becoming aware, a landscape does not necessarily need a lawn for a beautiful design.  The concept of a grassless lawn is becoming more popular as stunning landscapes can be created with a combination of ornamental grasses, rocks, mulch, gardens, shrubs, and trees.  Homeowners who want grassless landscapes generally hire professionals to help plan and install these features in place of their lawn. Myth: All Landscaping is good landscaping. A lawn that is left in its natural state and not built into a landscape is nothing more than a missed opportunity while bad landscaping can cause unforeseen problems and damages.  Bad landscaping decisions include planting trees and shrubs too close to a home which can cause problems by allowing pests to get into a home and trapping moisture near the house which can lead to mold and rotting in the roof and siding.  Trees that are near the home can also damage roofs with broken branches.  It is much more beneficial to hire a professional landscaper than to act on bad landscaping ideas. If you would like to learn more about how landscaping can benefit your lawn or if you are interested in building a landscape, contact us at Green T Landscaping to get started. Comment »
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