Front Yard Landscape Design Ideas

In Fall on May 3, 2013 at 10:07 pm | Written by gtadmin20
When it comes to designing an attractive landscape, special attention should be paid to the layout in the front yard. The front yard is what can boost the curb appeal of your home and an attractive landscape really adds beauty that will make your home stand out from the others on your block. As you create a landscape design for your front yard, keep the following five concepts in mind to help guide your design to maximize the use of the space and aesthetic appeal. Establish Order: The first step in designing a front yard landscape should be to establish an order with a limited number of species for flowers, shrubs, and trees. A good rule of thumb is to select no more than five to ten species of perennials, three to five different shrub types, and one or two species of trees. By limiting the amount of plant species in a landscape, you can create a design that holds together better than a landscape containing too many different plant species. For the best results, like species should be planted in groups and repeated throughout the landscape. Consider Size: In order to plant your mix of shrubs, flowers, and trees, you must build planting beds large enough to accommodate them. The size of the planting beds should also be scaled in relation to the size of the house. The best strategies for building planting beds is to have them span at least half the width of the house or to create sweeping beds that run from the house to the street or sidewalk. Create Flow: Creating a flowing pattern within the landscape design is important for the overall aesthetic appeal. Some strategies include anchoring beds with trees and repeating plant forms and textures throughout the design. Repeating patterns can also be used to guide visitors along sidewalks or walkways. Frame the Door: Making the front door a focal point can help guide the landscape design as lines can be steered in that direction. Framing the door within a walkway is a great way to emphasize it as a focal point. Straight and curving walkways make aesthetically pleasing features in a landscape but they should be at least 4 feet wide for easy identification and should always keep the door in view. Year-Round Capability: The cold winter weather should not mean the end of your landscape until the following season. You can keep your landscape active through the winter with evergreen trees and shrubs that maintain their color and texture year round with little maintenance. You can also enhance your winter landscape with trees such as crabapple trees and viburnums that produce food that attracts wildlife such as birds throughout the entire year. As you design your landscape this season, keep these five principles in mind to create an aesthetically pleasing and well spaced landscape for your front yard. If you need assistance in the design of your landscape, the professionals at Green T Landscaping can help you create a design that makes the best use of the space and your budget. The front yard is one of the first things people notice and with a carefully planned front landscape, you can greatly boost the appearance of your home. Comment »
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