Backyard Landscaping Ideas

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The backyard can serve many purposes such as an entertainment area for hosting gatherings, a play area for your kids or pets, or an area to just relax.  The way you envision yourself using your backyard should guide your ideas for designing a backyard landscape.  The following are eleven possible landscaping ideas for your backyard that serve different purposes.
  1. Choose Your Purpose: The first step towards deciding on any landscaping ideas is to decide how you want to use your backyard.  Backyards are often used for entertaining guests, providing an area to unwind, or providing space for kids and/ or pets and commonly backyard landscapes are designed to accommodate a combination of these purposes.  Once you determine which purposes you want your backyard to serve, decide which spaces in your yard you want to use for each purpose.
  2. Patios and Decks: Patios and decks are ideal for providing space to entertain guests or to just sit and relax.  The type of backyard you have may determine whether a patio or deck will work better for your landscape.  Yards that are on a slope are better suited for decks and flat yards with useable space can better accommodate patios.
  3. Swimming Pools: A swimming pool can add a unique dimension to your yard and a great medium for entertaining guests and your children.  However, pools require maintenance and special consideration should be given to complimentary features such as a pool deck or a patio for in-ground pools.
  4. Outdoor Kitchens: If you envision hosting cookouts in your backyard, an outdoor kitchen may be a great addition.  Outdoor kitchens may include a combination of outdoor appliances, a fireplace or fire pit, and a brick oven.  Building an outdoor kitchen on a patio with tables and chairs can maximize the appeal.
  5. Flower Gardens: Flower gardens can serve several purposes from adding some color and variety in your landscape to providing a private refuge to relax and meditate.  One of the major elements to consider when planting a flower garden is the color scheme as flower color has been shown to influence moods.
  6. Water Features: A great way to enhance a flower garden or a landscape in general is with flowing water features.  These features add an element of sound with flowing, gurgling water that you cannot get from other landscape features.  Small waterfalls and fountains are the most common water features.
  7. Theme Gardens: Another way to make a garden more appealing is to convey a certain theme with your garden.  Gardens in a landscape can be personal expressions and building them around a central theme makes them more unique.  Garden themes may include moon gardens, tropical flowers, fragrant flowers, woodland gardens, wildflowers, rock gardens, or any theme that you can think of that you would like to convey.
  8. Privacy Fencing: Adequate privacy is an important element in backyard landscapes and a great compliment to other features such as meditation gardens and outdoor kitchen areas.  Privacy fencing however should not be thought of as just a literal fence like a wooden fence, tall hedges or evergreen shrubs can also be used for privacy screenings.  Evergreen shrubs can provide a year-round privacy fence.
  9. Walkways: Backyard landscapes generally contain several different areas such as gardens and entertainment areas like kitchens and patios.  Adding a walkway to your landscape not only enhances the aesthetics of a landscape, but it also connects the different areas together with a path that allows guests to explore the yard.  Walkways can take many forms from stepping stones to concrete pavers.
  10. Kids: Having children can greatly affect the design and features of your landscape.  If you have young children, you may want to provide a safe, play area for them with features like sandboxes and swing sets.  Just make sure that any play areas are a free of poisonous plants such as poison ivy.
  11. Pets: Households that have pets must make certain accommodations in their landscape designs.  If you have a dog, you should avoid certain plants that are poisonous to dogs and plan your design strategically to prevent dogs from damaging you yard.  You may also want to ensure that stray dogs and cats cannot get into your yard.
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