Brick & Stone Patio & Driveway Installation

WalkwayPatios, walkways, and driveways add function and design to many landscaping projects. Whether you’re upgrading an unattractive driveway or creating a unique new space, these features can really offer an excellent presence. They can be combined to create a clean path, entertainment area, and partition of the landscape. The variety of stones and textures that you can achieve is very vast. They can be combined to create a clean-patterned look, or a groomed-natural look. They can be paths to a secret garden oasis, or a manicured path to your garage. Walkways and paths also allow a direction and route to points of interest in your design. In addition, walkways offer a safer, cleaner route of travel. Some contoured landscapes can be especially hard to explore and be exceedingly slippery and muddy. WalkwayPatios offer an excellent staging space for entertainment. They offer a meeting space and provide a foundation for area to build Features like outdoor kitchens and fire pits are generally built into stone patios for their increased safety over a wood structure. Proper design and formation is essential to the longevity of these structures. For more information, call a Green       design professional today!
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